Webinar “Business Fundamentals: Product, Profits and Promises”
on May 29, 2014


Thanks to the support from Will Casavan, Director of Marketing, Aperture Product Management, and Dr. Eckhard Hauenherm, VP Finance, PMI Cologne Chapter, our 1st webinar @ PMICC was successfully carried out with plenty of positive feedback from you.

Of course, the topic about business fundamentals was quite attractive as such but also having the opportunity of meeting each other from distance gave an extra ordinary benefit to all participants.

We showed why business fundamentals are quite important for staying on top of profitability, competiveness and innovation. A key factor of business fundamentals is given in company’s vision, mission and roadmap that refer to company’s culture and spirit, as well as to its products and/or services. Without the key factor a company will easily turn to a dead fish drowning in a big sea.

Understanding your competition and how your product and/or service is positioned in the market will enable you to better understand your next steps to do such as going into a battle with rivals for obtaining more market share if you are sure that your offer is as good enough or even a little better than one from your competitors. One tool of enabling you doing an analysis is the so-called SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) that checks an internal but also external view of your products and/or services. By means of big data deep insights to markets and reveals but also to undiscovered opportunities are efficiently retrieved for your SWOT. On the other hand, your ears listening to your marketing and sales staff do help to identify any blind spots.

To better control your project development tools such as return on investment (ROI) and net present value (NPV) should be followed while a product selection matrix lets you to assign weights to various important criteria of product for fine-tuning and optimizing project deliverables.

Will finished our webinar with following take-aways: “Ask when selecting the best product to develop whether you have the resources to build, buy or partner to deliver your creation. It’s important to understand your limitations in terms of budget, time, people, markets and so on and how your reality aligns with your vision. Product selection doesn’t have to be complicated. A combination of soft skills like listening and a few easy to apply quantitative tools will narrow down the choices. Understanding their fit within the company vision and product roadmap drives your decision to a straightforward conclusion.”

If you need more information or even support pls. get in contact with Will under following contact details:
Will Casavan
Director of Marketing
Aperture Product Management
760.931 8197- Direct
will.casavan- Skype

We’d like to thank Will for providing us this great opportunity in sharing some business fundamentals with us but also to let us trying out something new in our way of communication. For sure, we are continuing and keeping up this way of communication in the benefit of our members and friends of PMICC, as well as of our guest speakers!
Dr. Eckhard Hauenherm, VP Finance, vp_finance@pmicc.de
Robert Baumgartner, VP Marketing, vp_marketing@pmicc.de

Retrospect of 1st Webinar @ PMICC on May 29, 2014